EdGate Concept Index

The framework upon which ExACT was developed, and on which we base our correlations services, is the EdGate Concept Index.

Our Taxonomy is the EdGate Concept Index.

Concept Index

Alex Bramer,
Curriculum Alignment Specialist

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“The ExACT Alignment Tool allows us to mass align all of our content so that we are always up to date with the latest standards for our customers. This is one of the number one questions asked by potential and current clients: "Is Nearpod aligned to the new ___fill in the blank______ standards?"

As a matter of fact, EdGate has been engaged in an ongoing process of creating our educational taxonomies for well over a decade. The basis for our taxonomy is rooted in the educational standards from both the United States and International standards and the refinement of our taxonomies over time has given us the ability to fully understand what is being taught in classrooms across the world.