EdGate Powers Education

EdGate partners with the broader learner focused community to enhance resources for heightened engagement and improved outcomes. We do this through continuous innovation and setting the highest standards possible for ourselves and others to follow.

Education publishers, EdTech companies, workforce partners, educators and government agencies all turn to EdGate for our vast collection of well-maintained standards, curated taxonomies, content metadata, and world class platforms like ExACT and Journeys Map which leverage our patented technologies to provide game changing innovation.

Quietly growing, adding resources, building better toolsets, and being there for our clients is what brings us to work each day. The EdGate team ethos has been built around making a difference without fuss, and keeping the customer at the center of everything we do. We proudly power the engines of education to ensure it continues to improve and provide opportunity to as many people as possible.

That’s the intent with our new tagline, EdGate Powers Education. It’s about doing the behind the scenes work to serve our customers and partners better.

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